Sports Spotlight: Evan Henke

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Playing football is more than just getting in pads and hitting the field with your buddies. It’s about learning and knowing the scheme of the game, formations and what the opposing team is doing. You have to be willing to work your body every week. Evan Henke has a favorite part of the game, but it doesn’t include anything I just mentioned.

For some, it's the worst part of the game. Head Coach of the New Salem-Almont-Glen Ullin Holsteins, Steve Kleinjan describes it as, "yeah he's, he's kind of a film freak."

Monday's are film days. They're also senior quarterback Evan Henke’s favorite.

"I don't know what it is about film. I love my film,” said Henke. “I don't know why but I watch a lot of film before I go to sleep, if I have a study hall in school, I'm watching film, if I don't have homework. I don't know, I'm a weird kid I guess."

He's sort of a second coach on the field.

"I mean he watches a little bit more film, and so his preparation, he knows formations, and he knows tendencies.” said Coach Kleinjan. “And he'll point things out to me at practice occasionally and mention certain things to me that maybe I didn't quite catch on film or stuff like that."

But, his love for the game stemmed years before he was watching tapes. "You know I watched a lot of football,” said Henke. “And, I also played a lot of Madden when I was younger. And me and my older sister, Sierra, we always played a lot of sports together, because she was always a sports person. And then she's the one that kind of showed me, like, this is football."

So as it turns out, sister,knows best. Football is his number one sport, and it proves to be once he hits the field.

Holsteins senior running back Braden Zuroff describes Henke as: "He's a great leader. He's really competitive, he's one of the people you know that's, just wants to win and he's really dedicated to the sport and his position."

"He just works hard, he's always there for you, always picks you up, and always puts you in a good mood,” said senior wide receiver Garett Soupir. “Evan really thrives at football and he loves the game."

Henke is in his senior year with the Holsteins, and so the big question everyone asks, is what comes next?

"I'm still pretty undecided but academically I'm thinking about going into exercise science I think. Something about, I just want to stay in the sports world, I feel like. So I'll probably stay there, but I want to play college football, I just, I have no decision yet," said Henke.

Luckily for Henke, he still has some time to figure things out. He says that while his parents have helped out so much throughout the years, he gives a lot of credit to his sister, for getting him into football in the fourth grade.

Henke and the Holsteins will be in Beach on Friday to face the Buccaneers.