Sports Spotlight: Elicca Stugelmeyer

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Ellica Stugelmeyer has been doing competitive gymnastics for quite some time.

"I have been in it ever since I was three as my mom put me in it and I have stuck with it ever since and it has been fun," said Stugelmeyer, a senior with the Legacy Gymnastics team.

And it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows on the mats.

"I liked it but there's been times where I haven't, like all athletes get, so I stuck with it and here I am it is my last year," said Stugelmeyer.

Stugelmeyer is the only senior on the Legacy roster and has meant a lot to the young Sabers program.

"Well, she is a very hard worker. I have worked with her since she was little. She went from show team all the way to high school team. She is a great role model, never complains, and just does the work and gets it done," said Linda Grina, Legacy Head Gymnastics Coach.

Her getting the job done has led to a lot of wins this season for the senior in the All Around competition, who will hang up her leotard at the end of the season.

"Yeah it is hitting me hard and it is kinda sad. I am excited to be done but more sad than anything," said Stugelmeyer.

"I said don't say sad. She has said it to me and I told her, Ellica I have been through this before, it is another chapter in our books. We go on because you can only be here for so long," said Grina.

With this being her last season in gymnastics she wants to put her best foot forward the rest of the season.

"My goal is to do as best as I can and just work as hard as I can and just do as well as I have in the past," said Stugelmeyer.

Stugelmeyer and the Sabers will be back in action on Friday, Jan. 10 in Grand Forks.