Sports Spotlight: Drew Steidler

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Second place is better than third, third is better than forth and so-on, but runner-up can also be a little torturous because you're so close to reaching the ultimate goal.

Drew Steidler overcame the second place situation last wrestling season and now he's dealing with another setback.

Stielder is a four-time state runner-up wrestler and won the state championship for the St. Mary's Saints last season.

"It was a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. It was just a year after year of not quite getting it and then finally getting it that final year it was exciting it was amazing," said Steidler.

Steidler won his first match of his senior season, but if you watch him come off the mat after the win, something is obviously wrong with his left hand.

"This is probably the first time I broke something during the season but its just a little setback," said Steidler.

Steidler has not been able to wrestle since the injury but he is still finding ways to help his teammates.

"He knows what he's talking about, and he knows what I expect, he knows what the coaching staff expects, so what better thing to have another coach in the room working one-on-one with five or six brand new kids out for wrestling this year. So having another set of eyes and critiquing is super nice," said Luke Mellmer, St. Mary's head coach.

"I just try to help them whenever they need help they ask me questions I help them out and I just try to keep them on track and give them little goals to set," said Steidler.

Mellmer believes Steindler's ability to coach and critique other wrestlers will make him better when he is healthy.

"When you coach it that really helps you narrow down the kind of details and technique and developing your own philosophy and stuff like that. And so when he's coaching kids, and focusing on these little details, and telling someone how to do it, if he's telling someone how to do it he's going to do it himself when he's back on the mat. So that's kind of what I'm really excited for," said Melmer.

Steidler has signed to wrestle at the University of Mary. His older brother, Devin, is a sophomore on the Marauders wrestling team. Steidler will return from his hand injury later this season.