Sports Spotlight: Deondre Murry

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MANDAN, N.D. - There’s so many people in this world that continue to inspire us. Whether it’s someone with a remarkable story, or someone who is defying the odds. Mandan Middle School’s Deondre Murry is doing both.

Photo courtesy: Deondre Murry

Murry does not back down from a challenge, and he's faced one from the beginning.

"I just feel normal, like fitting in," said Murry.

Murry has cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that restricts him of movement, and muscle coordination.

"When I was born, the doctors said I wouldn't be able to walk, talk, I wouldn't be able to function, and coming out as a premature only 2-pounds, 2-ounces," said Murry.

He may have started out small, but Murry has already accomplished some big things, especially in track and field.

"From the summer I came back from Arizona from my paralympics, and right there I proved them wrong. I brought home nine gold medals for Team USA, and it's like, finally I've proved them wrong. I know I can do this, and I finally proved them wrong and I feel happy about it," said Murry.

Just your average 15 year old kid, that's living out his lifelong dream. But his goals don't stop there.

"I hope to make it in 2024, I hope to make it to Paris," said Murry.

At this point, nothing is stopping him. But until that time comes around, he's giving it his all, both on the track, and the wrestling mat.

"I want to be able to be treated as a normal athlete and nothing different. I want to be able to be pushed to my limits and not be, for example, if they ask me to do 30 crushers, I'm going to do 30 crushers, I'm not going to do less, I'm going to do those 30 crushers," said Murry.

And on the mat, he's going to win those matches.

"I was nervous, because this will be my seventh year and I haven't wrestled in a long time, and so being able to get back on the mat was amazing, like, and being able to come back out and wrestle again, and bring, and getting my two wins, was phenomenal, I was happy about it," said Murry.

When Murry isn't putting in the hard work with sports, he's busy helping children at his local church, and being an advocate to other kids with similar disabilities.

"I want to be able to share my message and being able, just because you have a disability doesn't mean you have to not show what you're capable of. I mean, I'm getting out the message of don't give up on your dreams," said Murry. "I just love the support, and having the support there, and just because I'm different, doesn't mean that stops me from achieving anything."

Murry isn't letting anything come in his way from living his best life, and fulfilling those dreams.

Murry also participates in basketball, cross country, and wheelchair basketball. And if that isn’t enough, he says he’s already received scholarships to Wisconsin-Whitewater and ASU.