Sports Spotlight: Coyotes Dynamic Trio

GRAND COUNTY, N.D. - It’s the first week of the Class-B Girls Basketball season, and for many athletes, it’s the start of their final season of high school hoops.

Senior year is the time to go out with a bang. Give it your all in every game you play, and enjoy it with your friends. For this dynamic trio of multi-sport athletes, Alexis Bentz, Taylor Roehl and Cassie Pierson are making the most of their final year at Grant County.

"We’ve always watched our upperclassmen coming up through the years. And so, being in that position and having our senior year come around is just really exciting being in the position we are," said Taylor Roehl, Grant County senior.

The three seniors started playing basketball together in the third grade. And through the years, they've become dependent on one another.

"They've played so much together that they can read each other so well, and it's like they know what the next person is going to do,” said Coyotes Head Coach of the Nicole Bentz. “So they're a step ahead. And they just complement each other, so well."

While each girl has an important role on the court, Taylor is looked up to the most, as senior Alexis Bentz describes her as, “she makes playing basketball so much better. She's really great to be, have a teammate even on and off the court. She's just a great person all around."

"Taylor is the best. We have been friends since our first basketball camp way back in like third grade,” added senior Cassie Pierson. “Taylor has been an amazing person, she's just so strong, not just athletically but academically she excels, and she's always been that person where, like, not that I'm not too shabby in my grades, but I'm always like, Taylor, help me with this."

As for Alexis, she joined Taylor in the 1,000 career points club last night against Wilton-Wing.

"The three of us have such a close friendship, not just from on the court, but off the court,” said Cassie. “Once we leave that court, we're still talking to each other all down the hall."

"It's been such a great time playing with those girls over the years. It's been, you really get to know a person playing basketball on the court, and then being friends with them off the court, because we spend all of our time with each other," said Taylor.

Coach Bentz said: "Oh, there's just a great chemistry between the three of them, and just great overall leaders. And, that I've kind of put it on their shoulders this year that this is your year, this is your team, this is your final season."

And for their final season playing together, getting back in the state tournament would be the best way to end their high school basketball career.