Sports Spotlight: Connor Hanson

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 4:40 PM CST
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The Ulness Award goes to a senior boys hockey player who exhibits sportsmanship to go along with his skill set. Connor Hanson received that honor Tuesday night.

Hanson holds down the blue line for the Century Patriots. When he's not checking opponents off the puck, he's usually firing goals into the back of the net. The two year Captain has already tallied 100 career points.

"His skill set is amazing. You know he's an offensive-defense man. You know he was our leading scorer for a couple weeks this year, but he likes to get in the play and get involved and as a team we cover for him and his d partner covers for him, so that allows him to do that, but he's a kid who plays big minutes for us every night. You know and he's an impact player every time he steps out on the ice," said Century hockey head coach Troy Olson.

Hanson is an All-State performer in hockey and baseball. Last spring, Hanson accomplished every pitchers goal: dealing a no hitter.

"It was an exceptional feeling. It’s something you dream of as a kid, especially at the high school level. To do that, to do that during the spring season was pretty awesome and hopefully we can continue to do that this summer and spring. There was a lot going on, you try not to think of those things and kind of a unwritten baseball rule is to not talk about it in the dugout so you try to shut those things out the best you can and just focus on your next pitch," said Hanson.

His coach can see how his talents transfer to the diamond.

"He's a great baseball player and he has a really good mentality for the game, he has a really good mentality of the game. He thinks the game hockey player too he's got a great eye sense and he competes that's the biggest thing about him, it’s his compete level is one of his best traits I think whatever he wants to do in college he'll do well at and he'll put the same mentality and work ethic into it," said Olson.

Hanson has not decided what sport he wants to play in college. What he does know is how playing multiple sports in high school will help him at the collegiate level.

"I think it’s just the athleticism, just playing multiple sports as a high school student is something that can definitely get you a long ways. College coaches are more looking for the multiple sport athletes nowadays than just the one sport athletes so you can carry things baseball over to hockey you can do vice versa, so it really can take you along ways," Hanson said.

Hanson also assisted on the game-winning goal over the Demons Tuesday night in overtime.

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