Sports Spotlight: Charlie Pavlicek

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Every summer for the past 25 years, Linton has had a T-ball camp and tournament. While the fun will continue, this is the last go-around for the creator and longtime director of the tournament, Charlie Pavlicek.

It takes a certain skill-set to work with kids. Charlie Pavlicek runs the youth t-ball tournament in Linton. “I get paid, and have fun. Can’t get much better than that,” Pavlicek says.

But after more than a quarter century, he’s calling it a career. “Eh, getting a little bit up in age, time to do something different.” Charlie started the tournament when his kids were t-ball age. Now, he’s gone on to coach generations of children, throughout Emmons County.

Linton-HMB basketball coach Dan Carr says, “He’s had all my kids and grandkids.”

Before Kyle Carr became the first player from Linton ever to be drafted, he was another toddler in t-ball. “I think all my kids, Kyle included, learned to be competitive and how to approach the game from Mr. Pavlicek. He does a good job doing that.”

During the school year, Pavlicek coached basketball at the junior high, ferrying players to Coach Dan Carr for decades. Carr adds, “he’s been a rock in our program. We always felt very confident that we didn’t have to worry about what he was doing with his kids. He was going to set a good example for them, be a good role model, and he was going to teach them the fundamentals of basketball.”

Charlie retired from coaching last month, save for one last go-around with the t-ball tourney. “It makes the years go by faster, I mean this has been a fast 25 years,” Pavlicek mentions. “Just to see them grow up and contribute to society. Hopefully I taught them something.”

Carr adds, “we’re going to miss him, not only as a coach for basketball and baseball, you know, he’s a great teacher too, and just a good friend to have on the faculty.”

“This has been 25 years of fun and games, so I will miss it,” Pavlicek says. An idea for fun in the sun, executed to a tee.

Charlie says he is grateful for the support the tournament has received from Linton Legion baseball among other sponsors. They have a breakfast fundraiser for the tournament this Sunday, July 9 at 9:00 a.m. at the Linton Community Center.