Sports Spotlight: Canaan Fagerland

BISMARCK, N.D. - Playing the biggest game of the year at 9:00 a.m. CST is not ideal, but if you're in the 9-Man Football championship game you don't really care.

Shiloh Christian make its 2nd appearance in the Dakota Bowl on Friday morning and you can bet Canaan Fagerland will play a big role for the Skyhawks. He is the subject of this week's Sports Spotlight.

He's a young man of many sports. Fagerland spends his school year playing basketball, baseball and football.

"It's kind of crazy how he manages it all," said Shiloh Christian junior Mike Kuehn.

But somehow, he manages to make plenty of time for each sport. Something that is pretty common in the Fagerland household.

"Honestly, I mean, it's always just been a family thing. My mom was a state champion in track, volleyball as well, my dad played football and basketball and ran track, did hurdles, my grandpa, both my grandpas are huge into sports. So, I mean, it's just kind of growing up a family thing," said Fagerland.

And that family thing continues. Canaan is very busy with school activities. Don't bother asking him his favorite.

Canaan said, "Everybody asks me that all the time, and I just give the same answer, whatever season it is, that's, that's what I go with."

So, it's easy to say that right now, football is his sport of choice. And, he's pretty darn good at it, as well. In the Skyhawks semi-final win over New Salem-Almont-Glen Ullin on Saturday, Canaan ran for 297 yards on 48 carries, while scoring 5 touchdowns with 2 interceptions. An impressive game for the junior, but not entirely surprising.

"You know, Canaan's the one kid we brought back in the backfield, and defensively he was big for us last year as well, and he's a kid we know we can lean on if we need to. He can carry the ball a lot, he can catch the ball, he's fast, but he also has a lot of power so he provides a lot of versatility for us on both sides of the ball," said Shiloh Christian Head Football Coach Funnon Barker.

He's the only junior captain on this football team, and he's setting the best possible example for his teammates.

"Canaan and I have been friends since first grade, so playing basketball together since first grade, coming all the way up playing BMFL football together, and then playing middle school and high school together, he's always the guy that you look at, where you're like, 'man, I wish I could be that guy, I wish I could be the top of my class," said Kuehn.

Shiloh Christian senior Austin Hartman said: "Canaan's an incredible guy. He's an incredible player, he's an even better person off the field, and when you've got a guy like that in the back field. I mean, it just makes it even easier to block for him because he's going to make those plays that, maybe if you didn't get your block, he's still breaking free into the field. So, I mean, he's just a great guy to play with."

And when Canaan isn't playing on the field or on the court, he's taking part in the school musicals. But on Friday, his mind is set on winning the Dakota Bowl. The Skyhawks will play Wyndmere-Lidgerwood for the 9-Man championship.