Sports Spotlight: Cain Boschee

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Dickinson Blue Hawks are 7-2 and ranked 16th in the NAIA National Football Poll. Their free safety, Cain Boschee, has 13 interceptions and counting in the last two seasons, with six of those going for touchdowns.

Cain Boschee is working overtime.

"He's always in the right position. He does a great job of knowing where he's supposed to be. A lot of people do, but he has the ability to go make that play," says Blue Hawks Head Coach Pete Stanton.

And if that play is an interception, he's made it eight times. More than anyone in the country this season, with four returned for a touchdown.

"You never expect that, but it's not surprising. Just because, you know, Cain has the ability where we know we can play him at corner, and he'll do a good job of playing corner. At the Presentation Game he played corner, and he had two interceptions for touchdowns, so we know he can play any position. I think part of that is just being a very intelligent player, knowing where to be and just being a very instinctive player, and he does both of those things very well," says Stanton.

According to Cain, it's a more basic element.

"Speed definitely helps. Speed and ball skills. Corners have put me in good positions and helped me out quite a bit," says Boschee.

Boschee also uses his speed during the spring season for track, actually his natural sport.

"I wasn't much into football until my senior year of high school. Then I started getting recruited a little bit, and I started to fall in love with it," says Boschee.

Two-sport college athletes are pretty unusual, unless your'e playing for coach Stanton.

"We probably have more than most programs. We have more two-sport guys than others, and we really encourage that. Several of our best track athletes are football players. We want them out in the spring competing if they can compete. We know they can get some spring ball in and that gives us the ability to have guys involved in two sports," says Stanton.

Even with two sports, Cain's academics are just as strong as his on-field performance. He's a conference scholar athlete, sporting a 3.8 GPA.

"Coach is always emphasizing academics. He puts out study tables and lots of time where we can get together and do academic stuff, so I'm always trying to get that done and coming to practice. Finding time is hard," says Boschee.

Fortunately for the Blue Hawks, it doesn't look like Cain's schedule will be clearing up anytime soon. They have two more regular season games before the North Star Championship begins.

Boschee and the Blue Hawks are on the road Saturday at Mayville State.