Sports Spotlight: Bryan Jefferson

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When putting together a game plan for an opponent, coaches will identify the other team's best player and develop a defense around that play. Bryan Jefferson is that guy for the University of Mary. In this week's Sports Spotlight, we find found out there's a fun side to the Marauders' top player.

"He's our best player. You don't walk around our gym and not find out who the best player is real fast. He's top five in the conference in scoring, he's top five or top 10 in the conference in rebounding," says Joe Kittell, U-Mary Head Coach.

And the rest of the Northern Sun knows it too.

"I've never had a teammate who draws a double-team like Bryan. And as a shooter, you love that because you kick out and get wide open threes or the ball movement's better. And the double-teams he draws, he deserves it. Otherwise he's going to score on anyone that tries to guard him one-on-one," says Trevor Zacher, forward.

Jefferson welcomes that kind of opposition, even off the court.

"He always argues; he loves arguing, getting in arguments. He always says he argues straight facts, but when you look at his references, it's Wikipedia," says Zacher.

Bryan likes to argue about basketball. Mostly about his favorite player, LeBron James, or his favorite team: Duke.

"I just like watching the best I guess I would have to say. I just watch the best basketball," says Jefferson.

U-Mary wasn't playing their best basketball after Jefferson's sophomore year. So they brought in Coach Joe Kittell.

"We clicked right away just because everything was more focused on changing. From how we used to play," says Jefferson.

"I think we have a trust with each other. I think we can be openly talk to each other whether it's positive or negative. And get the best out of each other. He's made me a better coach, and hopefully I've made him a little bit better of a player," says Kittell.

Jefferson and the Marauders host Northern State on Friday night. On Saturday, a very good MSU-Moorhead team comes to town, and we invite you to watch the women's and men's doubleheader on West Dakota Fox. Live coverage on Jan. 7 begins at 4 p.m. Central Time.