Sports Spotlight: Ben Weaver

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Governors have four more series remaining in the 2018 regular season. While they play Dickinson Wednesday in a double header.

Their catcher, Ben Weaver, is making the most on the diamond, as this is his final year playing for the Govs.

Baseball, has always been the sport for Weaver.

Dawson Weikum puts it, "Oh yeah, he's a natural." While Matt Guenther says, "Absolutely, yeah he definitely has good, high passion for the game, and just loves every minute of it."

"I don't know really,” said Weaver. “Just kind of felt like it was a sport I could actually play for a while, and it has been."

Just like most kids growing up, his dad got him onto the diamond. But once he put on that catchers uniform, it fit like a glove.

"I just tried it out when I was about 11, and I was actually pretty good at it. And so, I stuck with it and it's gotten me to a good place, and I'm really appreciative of it," said Weaver.

From the field at Century, to the college diamond in Jamestown, Ben returned for one final season with the Governors, as head coach Mike Skytland said: "if I was going to sum Ben up as a baseball player, it's competitive. He's always willing to do what's asked of him. He's going to compete at it, being a catcher, that kind of fits the mold, too, and those are the type of kids you like to have."

"It's also kind of heart-breaking because I've been playing with these guys for however long, and this year will be the last I'll ever play with them again. So, it's kind of, it's kind of sad, but the end of the day it's time to move onto another time, and a new team," said Weaver.

After this summer, he'll be full-time with the Jimmies, but he won't be alone.

"He's a good guy to have,” said Weikum. “Especially going to Jamestown with him next year, he's, I'm glad I've known him for so long and he's been such a good friend."

His dedication to the game has not only helped himself, but his teammates as well.

"He has a good attitude, and his passion for the game is just incredible. He likes coming to the field, he brings a positive mind-set to games and practice, and he just always looks to get better, and he helps other people get better, and definitely what he's learned in college in his one year and playing baseball ever since he was a little kid, he has a good mind of baseball, and it helps other kids to just improve," said Guenther.

"I think I have benefited a lot from the other guys and my coaches just by becoming a better person, and teammate all around," said Weaver.

The Governors play the Dickinson Roughriders tonight for a double-header.