Sports Spotlight: Austin Frey

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 5:53 PM CDT
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Every time Austin Frey carries the ball for the Mandan Braves, he's covering more than six yards on average.

The Braves senior is one of the more elusive running backs in the state. While many people see his speed, Frey prefers contact.

"I don't really like running away from people. I kind of like try to run through but it doesn't always work out, sometimes it does,” said Frey.

"He's gotten a little bit stronger over the course of the years and he kind of likes to run through the tackles a little bit, put a little move on, then he likes to put a shoulder down and run right past them, so he's bulked up a little bit and made himself a little bit more of a multi-dimensional runner," said Todd Sheldon, Mandan head coach.

All those attributes make it difficult to contain Frey.

"He's one of those guys. We see it in scout team, we're trying to wrap up on him and he's one of those guys he plays so low and he can just make the first man miss, whether it's by looking the opposite way and then darting back the other way. He runs low and that makes anything difficult," said senior Aaron Riopelle.

Most of the highlights you've seen is Frey running the ball, but he's just as valuable to the Braves on the defensive side of the field.

"He's really progressed and was a lock down corner last year when he did that he's transitioned to safety, leads the team in tackles from the safety position. He's coming up hard and making plays, and creating opportunities for us, and then the other thing that when he's got the ball in his hands, he's just relentless. He is hesitant he can score every time he touches the ball and I just love that about him," said Sheldon.

College football coaches are knocking on Frey's door. His ability to play multiple positions on offense is what excites them the most.

"The versatility, he's a good wide receiver. If you put him in the slot wide receiver spot he can catch the ball. He's not afraid to run in between the tackles, we've seen through the course of his high school career, he can tackle in the open field, he's not afraid to defend passes, he's not afraid to get physical out there. He's a little bit small in stature but not as far as how he plays a big player," said Sheldon.

"I kind of saw myself playing slot receiver I was thinking. I would like to play running back but if I have to move to slot receiver I always thought that would happen," said Frey.

Frey and the Braves are tied for 3rd in the WDA. They close the season at Jamestown on the 25th.

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