Sports Spotlight: Ashley Hulm

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Ashley Hulm stays very busy at Legacy High school.

She helped the Sabers win their first state basketball championship, she was second in the state for the girls triple jump last year, and she's also a four-year letter winner in volleyball.

Hulm plays three sports for the Legacy Sabers. In the fall, she's in volleyball, in the winter she's with the basketball team, and in the spring she's in track and field where she holds the Legacy record in the triple jump at 37 feet 4 inches.

"I think Ashley has done a great job of making sure she's focused on the season that's happening at that second, in the moment. She's put a lot of time in the off season but definitely time management becomes a huge part of it," said Brittini Fettig, Legacy track coach.

"It honestly came more naturally for me as an eighth grader getting moved up to high school, that's when I like thought that track was going to be my favorite sport. So its always been track for me," said Hulm.

Hulm has mastered her scheduling by juggling three varsity sports, school and college applications.

"Definitely time consuming. You have to learn to manage your time with school and with all three sports because you move from one sport to the next, to the next. So you really have to manage your time and school. Get your work done because you're going to have practices after school and with games or meets," said Hulm.

Hulm has the talent to be an athlete in college but she has decided to forgo participating at the collegiate level to focus on her career.

Hulm is headed to University of North Dakota and wants to be in the medical field as a dietician or a nurse.

"It was a really big thought process for me. I love track and it's going to be hard to give it up and be done with it, but at that point in my life I want to be able to focus on school and my career. It's going to be scary moving away from home. living on your own and not relying on my mom as much as I do, but it's just been an awesome four years being a part of all the teams that I have been on, so I'm going to miss it," said Hulm.

The state track meet is Friday and Saturday at the Bismarck Community Bowl.