Sports Spotlight: Aric Knopik

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If you’ve been to a Trinity sports event the past few seasons, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name Aric Knopik. He’s a three-sport athlete involved in much more than just sports.

You'd be hard pressed to find Aric Knopik taking a day off. In the fall, he's the starting quarterback and team captain for the Titans. In the winter, you'll see him on the hardwood. And in the Spring, you'll catch him on the track. But good luck keeping up. Knopik holds the school record for the 110 meter hurdles and this jump set the Trinity school record for the high jump.

Trinity boys basketball coach, Gregg Grinsteinner says, "he's always doing things he's a kid with a lot athletic ability. He's been gifted with that. He's 6'4, he runs like a gazelle, can jump out the gym. I mean he's a hurdler for a reason he's a high jumper for a reason and he can be a sprinter."

During the football season, Knopik's quickness made life a lot easier for his receivers.

Seth Herner says how, "it means a lot you know having a quarterback that can throw the ball really well and run the ball really well it opens up a lot of things. It does a lot for us." Being a three sport varsity athlete is far from easy but Knopik, has found a way to manage all that and more.

"It's just all about balancing your time,” Knopik says. “Making sure you get enough sleep with all of this practice, make sure you're eating right the whole time. I mean you always have to show up to practice on time and you always have to give it your best."

On top of being involved with sports, Knopik is an active member in school clubs and the community. all while somehow maintaining a 3.85 GPA. It can be hard to keep track of everything he's involved in.

Grinsteinner adds, "he's been involved in drama the last couple of years, assistant Chaplin, He's a kid that's a pure mentor he's been involved with the prom committee, he's a class officer I mean there's a laundry list for the kid and if coaches ask me about the kid I just flat out say you know he can handle it."

With his senior year half way over, Knopik has plenty of options for extra circulars in college and he's taking his time making those decisions. "I'm just keeping my sources open you know I'm kind of just talking to everyone right now kind of getting the feel for everything because right now out of football it was like I want to play football in college and then track season might come it’s like I know of want to do track in college so I'm just kind of keeping my sources open," said Knopik.

Aric and the rest of the Trinity Titans will be back on the hardwood on Thursday when they host the Beulah Miners.