Sports Spotlight: Amber Stevahn

BISMARCK, N.D. - At this point of the season, things can get pretty busy with so many basketball games going on. When it comes to class-B girls, the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks have been mentioned a few times after sitting number 1 in the polls. This week Amber Stevahn in the Sports Spotlight.

When Stevahn first played basketball, she never had that "this is my sport" moment. "I wasn't that good," Stevahn says.

Stevahn first stepped on the court in 6th grade, but it wasn't until two years later when she began to shine. "Yeah when I started, I was not that good, and I was very uncoordinated. I started getting better. And each year I've progressively gotten better, and I'm just glad to see the progression I've had throughout the years," said Stevahn.

Luckily, basketball wasn't the only sport she had to keep herself busy. "I did a lot of sports. I did soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track. I think basketball has been my favorite. I think really the team aspect, and working together, and the chemistry that you have, and the friendships you make is what basketball has really made to be my favorite."

"Amber's one of my best friends, I love her on and off the court. She always works hard in everything she does, she's getting rebounds, getting steals, making points, so she plays great defense," said Brittan Grubb.

Brooke Emmel added, "oh she's great, I've known her since middle school, and she's always like free spirited; she always has a smile on her face. She can pick you up when you're at your lowest, and she's just a great friend."

A great friend, with a future planned out. Stevahn will attend Bismarck State College to play basketball, and her head coach says it's a good fit for her. "Yes, it is, it is. She wants to go into a medical field, I believe, and wants to get her generals out of the way, and I think that's a good place for her to be local. And it will be good for us so we can watch her play also, and her family, and we'll still be able to see her," said head coach Daryl Bearstail.

But before she gets to BSC, there's one thing she wants to accomplish. "It would be great if we won the championship again because we want to end our senior year with a bang, and just making it to state and doing better than we did last year is a big goal of mine," Stevahn added.

Skyhawks fans hope to see her in the state tournament this spring before becoming a Mystic in the fall.

The girls will be back on the court on Thursday to host the New Salem-Almont Holsteins.