Sports Spotlight: Alexis Dressler

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Alexis Dressler stands out in two sports for the Legacy Sabers. Dressler was named first-team all-state in softball and all-conference in basketball her junior year.

"I think in the spring time softball is my favorite and in the winter time basketball is my favorite," said Dressler, senior.

Dressler has been playing sports her whole life and its taking a toll on her body.

“I've dislocated my knee nine times and I've torn a lot of things as well. It's definitely been a challenge, I mean having surgeries and not necessarily just minor ones they've been some pretty big ones and just honestly the coaches, my parents, my family, friends they've really helped me get through it and to this point that I'm still able to play," said Dressler.

The Sabers are better with Dressler on the floor. Jim Petrik leans on his senior captain to play any of the five spots, at any given time.

"Talent wise she's a six-foot point guard. She plays one through five for us she hits the three, she can post up so she's very versatile. And like I said, not only the talent but just the type of person she is very, very special to get that combo," said Petrik, Legacy head coach.

Her basketball knowledge is just as valuable to the Sabers as her athleticism.

"I just think her basketball IQ is so high, so good, she really able to see the floor make good passes and just make really good plays on offense," said Ashton Sagaser, senior.

Dressler seems to set the standard on how a player responds to adversity.

"I think just being a good teammate, a good leader, I feel like when things get hard with injuries and those kinds of things she can really take it one way be negative and be upset and just really kind of disappointed it happened, but instead, she uses it as an advantage for her. She's very humble, and she loves basketball, and she's able to lead everyone on the court," Sagaser said.

Dressler has drawn interest from college coaches and she says will most likely not play college sports to focus on her health. The Sabers are at the top of the WDA standings with a 4-0 record. Their next game will be Friday when they host Minot.