Sports Spotlight: Alex Brosseau & Brandon Lewis

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The First State Championship for the Legacy boys came in Track & Field this spring.

It was just the Sabers second varsity season and first year with seniors.

Two of those seniors heading to NDSU this fall and that pair in this week's Sports Spotlight.

Like many other graduating seniors, Brandon Lewis and Alex Brosseau head to college this fall. But these Bison-bound sprinters have a track record for success, in new settings.

"There's schools that have been out for 100 years, and they never won a state championship in track and field. And for us to do that in our second year, and first year with seniors. It's crazy," said Alex Brosseau, senior sprinter.

The pair sees their State Title as validation for the young program.

"We've always been the new kids on the block, and I guess that's just a social norm, just to hate what's new," said Brosseau.

"Now that they know that we have a presence in town and in the State, they'll start to show us a little bit more respect," said Brandon Lewis, senior sprinter.

Sending two members of their first senior class to a D1 school, isn't a bad look either.

Legacy Head Coach Chris Clements said: "It's a testament to how hard those two guys have worked. You know, it reflects back on our kids that 'hey, we can accomplish something. I can set my goals high. And achieve my goals."

Brandon and Alex had different paths to North Dakota State. Lewis jumped at the opportunity to run.

"It's always been a dream of mine to compete at that level, and if I got handed an offer to run at that level, I mean I'm going to take it," said Lewis

While Brosseau fielded football offers from across the state, before opting for track.

Brosseau said: "I thought about in the future, you know, I kind of want to walk with my kids when I'm older. Like, the whole injury factor kind of swayed me towards track."

The track duo will meet again in college, where they'll be closer than ever.

"We're literally one floor apart from each other. He's directly below," said Lewis.

Clements said: "I would say it's going to be, you know, chaos."

As this herd of two migrates East, we'll find out how Far they can go.

Brosseau has one game left in his football career. He will play in the Badlands Bowl this Saturday in Miles City.