Sports Spotlight: Aanen Moody

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Dickinson High Basketball has lofty expectations this year; that tends to happen when you have a pair of Division-I players on your squad.

One of those seniors, Aanen Moody, in this week's Sports Spotlight.

One Midget is on the verge of something big.

"As he gets closer and closer, I think the more and more he blocks it out," SAYS Dan Glasser, Dickinson Head Coach.

Moody is a senior for the Dickinson Midgets, And he's less than 600 points away from becoming North Dakota's all-time leading scorer. But he's genuinely not focused on it.

"He's really good at not making it a big deal, and his teammates follow it more closely than he does to tell you the truth," says Glasser.

"It's not going to mean a whole lot to me I don't think. It's going to mean a lot to the community, which is great, but personally I'm a believer in winning, and that's the most important thing, so I would take a state title over that anyway," says Moody.

Whether he hits the mark or not, his college plans are already in place. Moody committed to UND last month.

"The coaching, the playing style, everything was what I was looking for. Every aspect that was important to me. They even talked to me about playing time and offered me, depending on how I do in June, I would be the sixth-man coming off and getting 15-20 minutes a game. And so for every aspect it was a win," says Moody.

He's got quite the gene pool helping him. His brother, Nate, was wide receiver at NDSU. His parents, both volleyball coaches. His father, an NAIA Hall of Famer. And apparently, quite the educator.

"Dave Moody, Aanen's dad, I took a course from him in dancing at DSU. So he taught me how to do some two-stepping and some other stuff that I don't like to show very often," says Glasser.

"I did not know that, but I can assume he probably learned a lot, because my dad actually is a pretty good dancer. He is actually a pretty good dancer. That's one thing I'll give him," says Moody.

Moody's hoping to do some dancing of his own next season. But first, he's got to tango with North Dakota's best for the Class-A title.