Sports Spotlight - Trinity Powerlifter's

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When you think of high school sports, Powerlifting is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you're at Trinity in Dickinson you know two names, Derek Dvorak and Cody Steffan.

If you head to Trinity High School and watch the weight room, you'll witness two power lifters throwing around outstanding numbers.

Kevin Poswilko said, "You know its really a spectacle we get kids out here in the P.E. classes pulling up to the window to watch their max out attempts and its almost like a circus act around here."

One of those lifters is Derek Dvorak. The Trinity junior has numerous lifting records in his weight class. He can bench 405 pounds and hang clean 325. With those numbers, he took 1st overall at the Fargo Shanley strength competition and hopes to one day compete against the strongest men in the world.

"I would like to qualify for the IPF worlds that's International Power Lifting Federation so that's like the Olympics of power lifting," said Derek Dvorak.

The other power lifter is Sophomore Cody Steffan. Although he has not been in competitions yet, his personal best dead lift would put on a short list of the strongest people in the world for his age.

"I was watching the International Power Lifting Federation in Europe recently so its a competition for kids that are 18 and under and Cody is putting up numbers that are as strong or even more strong than some of them so the sky is the limit for him," said Poswilko.

Cody can dead lift 650 pounds and he can squat 500 pounds, both Trinity school records for his weight class. Steffan says the confidence he's gained in the weight room has translated to other aspects of his life.

Cody Steffan said: "More so the mental game of it you tell yourself you can't you'll never move the weight I'm always focused on moving weight and its just made me not so afraid to do other things. I kind of just push myself further just do more without being so afraid to do it."