Souris Valley Golf Course preps for Friday open with safety measures

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MINOT, N.D. - Friday's season opener for Souris Valley Golf Course is going to look different.

"I think a lot of the rules of the game will change, shaking hands when you get done, things like that. It's going to be kind of an experiment. We'll see how it goes. We've got some guidelines we want golfers to follow. Our #1 mission is to keep the golfers safe," said course director of golf Steve Kottsick.

While safety measures will be in place, staff and players will need to do their part to stay safe.

"People want to get outside. They realize there's a real danger of they don't want to get sick, [but] people are excited to get out and excited to play golf. Sure we have reservations, but we're going to do our [best] to make sure that people are safe, and they have some personal responsibilities themselves," Kottsick said.

Tee times will be in 10-minute increments with a maximum of four players per group. Golf carts will be single rider only, unless riders live in the same household, and flag sticks will stay in the hole.

"This is all new territory for our whole country. We're in a new time, and hopefully we can adjust [and] get over this," Kottsick said.

Kottsick is recommending a two club-length social distance while the clubhouse will be closed with the exception of one person using the restroom at a time.