Skyhawks headed to Dakota Bowl

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The last time the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks made a Dakota Bowl appearance was in 2014. They’ll make their second on Friday morning against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood.

The Skyhawks are 11-1 on the season. They entered the year with a strong O-Line, and they were able to fix the issues they were having on the defense by the time semi-finals rolled around.

"Coming into the season, we really, the only thing we really knew is that we have a strong offensive live,” said Head Coach Funnon Barker. “We brought a lot of guys back there, and we're breaking in some new backs, new quarterback offensively, and our offensive line really carried us until those guys got comfortable back there. And defensively, we had a lot of new players all over the field and we had to shuffle some things throughout the season, but we feel the guys have really come together well, and have done a great job."

The Skyhawks only loss is to the Holsteins. They got their revenge this past weekend which put them in the championship game.

"I mean, we knew we had the team to do it, and we had the opportunities, and after taking that loss to New Salem, it was kind of a wake-up call to us that we just, we have the ability, and if we work together, and do what we know how to do, we can make it, and that's what happened, it was a team effort so it was great," said Shiloh junior Canaan Fagerland.

There will be much more from the Skyhawks Wednesday, as Kaleigh Emery puts Canaan Fagerland in the Sports Spotlight.