Shrine All-Star football

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FARGO, N.D. - The Shrine Football games are Saturday in Fargo. Athletes from across North Dakota are split between East and West and they have a 9-man and an 11-man contest.

These recently graduated seniors are looking forward to the competition, but one of the biggest parts of the week is discovering what the mission of the Shrine Hospital is all about.

"There were people who have actually been to the Shrine Hospital and people that are here, like the little kids that are here with us now. And it was really cool learning what they do and to take in kids who's family may not be able to afford the cost of an actual hospital visit, and it's really cool for them to do that. It's amazing to be here with a bunch of guys working to raise money for this hospital too. It's an amazing experience," said Kade Lynch, Century Patriots.

"This week means a lot to raise money for this organization and it should be fun," said Lofton Klabunde, Minot Magicians.

For some, Saturday will be their final football game. For a great number of the players, this is perfect preparation for their upcoming college career.

"The more football the better. We're going off to college and it's a whole different speed and whole different level, a lot bigger guys and I know I need to get bigger, and it's good to come out and stay in condition and kind of not loose your touch for football and be prepared for what's coming next," said Lynch.

What's coming next for Lynch is fall camp with the Marauders.

The Shrine football games are at Fargo Shanley's Cid Cichy Stadium. The 11-man contest is at 4:00 p.m. CT with the 9-man match-up to follow on Saturday.