Shiloh Skyhawks undefeated

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Shiloh Christian has not lost a football game this season. The regular season might only have two games remaining, but the Skyhawks still have a long way to go, to reach their ultimate goal.

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The Shiloh Christian Skyhawks are six and 0 after their 36-12 win over Hettinger-Scranton last Friday. That win guaranteed the Skyhawks a spot in the post season.

“We're happy with where we're at we're happy with the position we put ourselves in we were able to clinch a playoff spot so that's obviously the first step and if we can get a win this Friday we'll clinch at least one home game and set ourselves a chance to play for a region title and that was one of our pre-season goals," said Funnon Barker, head coach of the Skyhawks.

The Skyhawks made it to the Region Championship last season but lost to the Holsteins. That loss still does not sit well with senior running back Caanan Fagerland. “A Region Championship,” said Fagerland. “That's one thing we didn't get last year being able to beat New Salem in that Region Championship game but that's the next check on the list I guess is to be able to win that region Championship."

Barker can't ask for a better record at this point in the season. But like any coach, he knows his team can always improve.

“More consistent offensively in our run game, our pass game, our pass protection, and then also defensively. Stopping the run constantly and playing three solid downs to get off the field. We've had bad spots where we've done that but we haven't been able to do that consistently. If we want to get where we are going to go we're going to have to get better at that," said Baker.

The Skyhawks did make it all the way to the Dakota Bowl in 2017 and a return trip remains on Shiloh's to-do list.

"You got to be able to execute on offense, defense, and special teams to have a shot to make it to the Dakota Bowl.” Barker adds that: “each and every game is important you got to improve and you got to stay health and you know we've had some guys dinged up and we've had some guys be able to step in and continue our success and play big for us and you got to have that and your kids have to do their homework they got to prepare well and if you do that you got a chance but like you said there's a lot of good teams and we know that we got to take it one game at a time and that starts this Friday with Richardton."

The Skyhawks game against R-T-H will be in Bismarck.