Second season for Bismarck Bucks

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Experience is a valuable tool, and the Bismarck Bucks have some of it this year.

Everything was new in their first season, the second time around is underway as the Indoor Professional Football League team held practice Tuesday.

Elby Pope, Jarelle Miller, Deon Paulson, Jauhem Byrdand and Antwan Smith are just a few of the players returning to the team.

Experience has also raised the bar from within the organization.

"We want to make a run to win this whole thing now. We've gotten our feet wet. We figured it out. We've won some and lose some. We can't say we're new to it anymore so not we have to raise that expectation amongst everyone in the organization and I think we've all done that," said Richard Davis, Bucks head coach

The Bucks first game is March 9 at home against Kansas City.

They will have a pre-season scrimmage on Sunday at the Bismarck Events Center.