Sandlot Showdown

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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Just a couple of days after the NDHSAA canceled the 2020 spring sports season, Bismarck High School senior Skyler Strand jumped into action putting together this year's Sandlot Showdown, and teams answered, as nine teams would come together and play baseball for the first time in the Peace Garden State in 2020.

For Strand, putting it all together was a rewarding experience.

"It turned out awesome. I was just worried the past couple of days it was probably just stress more than anything but when I walked in to Tatley on Friday it was just awesome seeing everyone here with some high school kids here with their parents watching them and seeing the kids playing baseball is the best part," said Strand.

In almost poetic notion, Strand scored the opening run of the tournament playing for the Bismarck Maroon team and while out there the future University of North Dakota sports management major saw a couple of things in the eyes of everyone competing this weekend.

"The love of the game. These last few days you could just see that kids wanted to do something. I had said before in a couple of other things that is has been two months since we have done anything and it was time we did something and I was glad it was baseball. Not just for me but for everyone that was out here today because kids are smiling and laughing on the way back to the dugout and having fun with their friends and that was the best thing to see out of the whole thing," said Strand.

The team from Mandan won the 2020 Sandlot Showdown. Strand says he isn't sure if this will become an annual thing or if it will simply just be a one time deal.