Saints ready for Squirrels

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There were no upsets in the first round of the AA football playoffs. St. Mary’s is the no. 2 seed, and the Saints are getting ready to play Central Cass on Saturday.

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The Squirrels beat Belcourt to advance to the semi-finals. St. Mary’s had the week off; that’s the reward for being one of the top two teams during the regular season.

Head coach of the Saints, Dan Smrekar, said, "It's a good thing that's what we battle for all year with the present set up in AA to get that first round bye. I think it helps you heal. It allowed you to scour and you're playing one less game so you're less banged up. So we think it's an advantage so we were excited about being able to have that and get ready for the playoffs."

Just three weeks ago, in the regular season, the Saints beat the Squirrels in a low scoring game. It was 14-7. Smrekar thinks there could be more points this time around.

"Very explosive offensively, and they got 4-5 guys, any one of them can score on any play. So you got to really got to be ready to play well the whole game and you need to be able to play the whole field because they like the deep ball but they are very capable of running the ball and throwing it short too," said Smrekar.

St. Mary’s will host Central Cass on Saturday. It’s a 2:00 p.m. CT game that will be played at the BSC Community Bowl.