Sabre Dogs players share their strategies for playing on the road

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MINOT, N.D.- The Expedition League spans across four states, meaning the players spend a good bit of time on the bus.

It's a different lifestyle when playing road stretches, but the players say it’s something they've adjusted to.

Summer collegiate players come from many small schools that don't normally have to travel far.

“I played at a junior college and when we go on the road, we play and then come right back,” said Sabre Dogs outfielder Chauncey Callier.

The road map for the Expedition League puts three teams more than 500 miles away from the Magic City, but players have their ways of getting through the long trips.

"Half the time it's just sleeping. People are sprawled out everywhere, there's no room to walk. Just resting and getting ready for the game," said Sabre Dogs first baseman Justin Glover

"A lot of people just sleep and listen to music. Then when we get tired of that we play bus games. We play cards sometimes," Callier said.

Being away from Minot means being away from host families too.

"I honestly really like it. I'd obviously rather stay with my host family, but it's kind of cool getting the experience," Callier said.

But Glover doesn’t seem to mind the hotel amenities.

"The hotels we've been staying at are pretty nice. Pool, hot tub, it feels like home actually," Glover said.

Callier says there is one big difference between playing at Corbett and anywhere else in the Expedition League.

"The fans. Our fans give us so much support and then other teams. Their fans do not support them like our fans support us and they just make it a lot more fun to play the game," Callier said.

Meaning most of the Dog's support is coming from their own dugout on the road.

"We all have each other’s back. Say somebody strikes out, bases loaded or something, the next guy is going to come up and get the job done. We all believe that we can all do that, so there's really no pressure with anything," Callier said.

Giving it their best effort, one 10-hour bus trip at a time.

You can catch the Dogs at Corbett field for their final home stand of the season, starting August 2nd.