Sabre Dogs' Brock Baughcum makes transition from player to coach

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MINOT, N.D. - There are a handful of players returning for a second summer with the Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. One of them you won't see running the bases.

Jack Springgate spoke with assistant coach Brock Baughcum about his transition from player to coach.

Brock Baughcum had no problem getting on base last season, leading the Sabre Dogs in hits.

But this year, he's on the other side of the foul line.

“Every time somebody gets to me over there at third, I try to tell them, no body faster, you're the one we want here and make sure you're aggressive. Just little cues to give them the confidence I had when I was on the bases,” said Baughcum.

That's something Baughcum knows well as one of the top run scorers and base stealers on last year's team.

He's been able to improve that part of the game for those he shared the field with this time last season.

“He has definitely helped me out being able to steal. I didn't run at all last year actually. I needed a little help with that and Brock was the perfect person to do it because he lead the league last year—him and Mason—in stolen bags, so why not listen to someone who's been there and done it before,” said Chauncy Callier, second-year player.

Head coach Corey Thompson says tasking Baughcum with third base coach duties in his first season as an assistant could come with some challenges, but the former Sabre Dogs star has been up to the challenge.

“This year he's being over there at third and he can gauge guys pretty well whether or not to send them and that kind of thing. Today during our free time he had some guys that he worked with, with base running,” said Thompson.

Passing on his strengths to the next generation at Corbett Field.