Riverwood Golf Course celebrates 50 years

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 4:00 PM CDT
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1969. The year we landed on the moon. The celebration of Woodstock. It's also the year Riverwood Golf Course opened, which now plays host to about 35,000 rounds of golf each year.

Since Riverwood first opened to the public 50 years ago, more than 1.6 million rounds of golf have been played on these grounds.

Fifty years after caddying for the first group to play Riverwood, Jack Huseby, Guy Otteson and Charlie Donlin returned on Friday morning to celebrate the milestone and share some of their first memories of the course.

“All the clearings were like this tall and I said there's no way they can have a golf course here but we got something special,” Otteson said.

The group began playing Riverwood throughout the years sharing laughs and a lot of tee shots.

“1972 high school meet I was a sophomore, I think you were a senior, and it was the first high school meet I won and I think you he was right there, I think the only time I beat Guy,” Donlin said.

Otteson says his favorite memory over the decades is shooting a course record 64.

“I had a 31 on the front, not thinking about even playing the back and then said to the pro, 'Let's go get a course record,'” Otteson said.

The guys say they appreciate the uniqueness and toughness of the course.

“There's one word you'll never ever hear down here that you hear on every other golf course, and it's fore the reason is, the design of this golf course is set up so that you can't get hit by another person if you're coming down another fairway,” Huseby said.

And the wildlife that make a home throughout the holes.

“It's the geese, it's the deer, it's just everything around this area just lives on the course,” Donlin said.

As part of the 50 year celebration, there will be a free movie Friday night on the course.

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