Quartet of Minot Cheerleaders to perform at Citrus Bowl

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MINOT, N.D. – A quartet of varsity cheerleaders from Minot High School will have the chance to showcase their skills at one of this year’s premier college football bowl games.

Photo courtesy: Dawn Bodtke

Jasmine Davison, Joslynn Gonzales, MaKayla Zumbo, and Harleigh Port will soon be on their way to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla., after winning a Superior Team Award at the Universal Cheerleading Association Minot Camp in August. The invitation came after training hard throughout their high school careers.

“Our coach would practice with us, like getting our motions sharp, making sure everything's good. And then when it came to the camp it just made everything sharper knowing that like, 'okay, we can work for this, we got this, and we're all hard workers as a team, so we were just focused like, 'okay, we got this.'” Davison said.

“We just worked so hard together. It's just a big accomplishment to be able to go down there together and do what we love to do,” Zumbo said.

They're on the way to one of the biggest stages in cheerleading after raising $10,000 thanks to fundraising throughout the Minot and Air Force Base communities.

“This is really a big deal, especially being a senior. This is what you work up your entire cheer career basically for,” Zumbo said.

“In the cheer world, when you go to Orlando, Florida, you've made it. That's the peak. That's the top. When you cheer there, whether it's for all-star or high school, that's like [the] Super Bowl [in] football,” Gonzales said.

The squad hopes the performance at Camping World Stadium will be a glimpse into their future in the sport.

“I want to be a college cheerleader. So seeing this and being able to do this I can experience it and be like, ‘oh, this is what it'd be like in front of this many people.’ So this is like a dream for me,” Davison said.

“It's amazing. I love performing. And when we do go to our state competitions I love performing in front of crowds, but just knowing there’s 66,000 people watching you, I feel like Beyoncé,” Gonzales said.

The group leaves for Orlando Dec. 27, and Penn State and Kentucky kick off in the Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1 at noon. The cheerleaders will also enjoy New Year's Eve at Walt Disney World.