Pro's Pointer #3

Walleye are the most sought after fish in the Dakotas. But if you want to go bass fishing, Johnnie Candle tells us in this week's Pro's Pointer you probably already have enough gear to catch them.

Johnnie Candle, MWC World Walleye Champion & N.D. Fishing Hall of Fame: "I make my living fishing for walleye but today we're chasing largemouth bass and that was a fun little guy to catch. That fish came on what they call a shaky head. It looks a lot like the several hundred jigs that I already have in my boat that I use for walleye fishing but it fishes exactly the same way. Along the same line of comparing walleye tackle, take this sliding sinker put a leader behind it and a small hook with a piece of live bait we call it a lindy rig but replace that hook with something bigger then put a wiggly piece of plastic with tentacles and suddenly we're bass fishing and it's called a Carolina rig. It's exactly the same thing. Now think about all of the crankbaits you carry with you walleye fishing and now tell me you can't open that box, pick one out and put it in front of a large or smallmouth bass and you're not going to catch them? You're going to flat out catch them everywhere you go so even though we have a lot of walleye tackle and we might not think we're a bass fisherman trust me you're a lot closer than you ever realized. I'm Johnnie Candle and that's this week's Pro's Pointer."

Next week, Candle has a tip you can call an oldie but a goody.