Pro's Pointer #16

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The bigger national touring walleye tournament's are rarely won by someone who lives there.

You may think the opposite would be true but history shows us it is not.

Johnnie Candle learned a recent lesson and that's the subject of this week's Pro's Pointer.

Johnnie Candle, MWC World Walleye Champion: "At a recent fishing tournament on my home water of Devils Lake, I totally missed the bite because I didn't look deep enough.

The winners found their fish as deep as 45 feet and never in my 20 plus year of fishing in Norht Dakota have I had to look that deep to catch a walleye.

There are plenty of ways to get a lure to those depths. Trolling lead core comes to mind instantly but if you're fishing crankbaits and don't have lead core you might want to try a very heavy snap weight on your line.

If you're a bottom bouncer fan, they do make those heavy enough to get to those depths here's a four ounce version here and if the fish are not spread out and we need to concentrate on pinpoint areas a heavy job with plastic or live bait will get the job done but you may want to try one of the more popular jigging baits in sizes up to one ounce.

Catching these fish comes with some issues, mnost likely the fish are not going to survive unless you know the right way to handle and release those fish so if you're fishing these depths please plan on keeping the fish you catch just to help protect the resource.

Next week, Johnnie shows a simple way to keep you live bait alive when it get really hot out.