Pro’s Pointer #15

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Do you need to use a bait to catch a big fish? Not necessarily, says Johnnie Candle and it has to do with the time of the year.

Johnnie Candle, MWC World Walleye Champion: "Now that August is here, it's fair to say that most folks consider these as the dog days of summer and it seems that fishing can get rather difficult this time of the year. You know, we can't blame it all on the weather.

The biggest part of the problem is that Mother Nature has provided the fish we're trying to catch with the biggest smorgasbord in the world.

Every fish that hatched this spring are not food for walleye, pike or bass that we would like to catch. Young of the year perch, white bass, crappy, blue gills, skipjjacks, sheephead they're all just about two and a half inches long.

All season I've been having great luck on this size seven crankbait but now that the fish are feeding on smaller bait I've had much more success with this size number five.

The same thing when it comes to spinners and slow death rigs. This four inch worm was really good earlier this year but lately pinching them down to that two to two and a half inch size has produced much better catches.

Once again it's a perfect illustration that bigger is not always better especially when you know that the fish are feeding on bait that's only two inches long. I'm Johnnie Candle and that's this week's Pro's Pointer."

Next week, Johnnie tells us about a lesson he learned in his latest tournament, and how you can use his lesson to catch more and possibly bigger walleyes.