Pro's Pointer #12

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Getting a fish to bite can be a very difficult thing to do at times. In today’s Pro’s Pointer, Johnnie Candle shows us a lure that usually gets bit the best, when it’s not moving at all.

Johnnie Candle, MWC World Walleye Champion: "I just caught this fish, on that lure, off of that spot so what's so special about this lure? Today, we're fishing with a shallow diving, suspending stick bait, also known as a jerk bait. These lures are named for the way we fish with them. Cast it out and start your retrieve with sever sharp snaps. This gets the lure to dive. It's all about the jerk's and the pauses. We want to snap the rod hard, leaving lack lure for the lure to sit there motionless in front of the fish. Most of your bites are going to come when the bait pauses. Don't be afraid to fish these lures over deeper water especially when it's clear because fish have been known to come up 8 to 10 feet to attack a jerk bait. Next time you're out fishing shallow water structure and we're casting with jigs and minnows or jigs and plastics or your traditional deep diving crankbaits don't be afraid to throw a jerk bait up there a few times and despite what your mother says sometimes it's OK to hang out with a bunch of jerks."

Next week, Johnnie tells us that not all life jackets are created equal.