Pro's Pointer #11

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Nightcrawler's, leeches and minnows, they are the three most popular types of live bait.

MWC World Walleye Champion Johnnie Candle: "Some days it seems we just can't get the fish to bite unless we're fishing with a wiggling piece of live bait and one of the best ways to present that is with a lindy rig.

Those consist of a sinker, a swivel, a leader and a hook but over the years I've run across a few variations that have worked very well for me. The first one is an adjustable lindy rig. It starts with a sinker, then a bead, then I use a bobber stop. All of that is ahead of a very small swivel, then my leader to my hook.

If I'm dragging bait around an not getting bit and I think it's because the length of my leader needs to change. It's very simple to slide the knot and have a longer or short leader. I like to use the smallest swivel possible so it does not weigh down my live bait presentation.

Another variation when I want to fish farther off the bottom than my standard lindy sinker will allow me is an adjustable 3-way rig. I start by threading my line through one end of a barrel swivel before tying a swivel in place before adding my leader and a hook. I can adjust my dropper to the sinker to whatever distance I want and when I get a bit I can still feed line to that fish by sliding it through that barrel swivel so there you have it.

A couple of twists on an old an old favorite for the next time you're presenting live bait. I'm Johnnie Candle and that's this week's Pro's Pointer."

Next week, Johnnie tells us about a bait that you use by pulling it very hard after it hits the water and then letting it just sit there.