Pro's Pointer #10

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Getting the best performance out of your boat and motor usually involves using a small switch located on the throttle.

That's what Johnnie Candle is focusing on in this week's Pro's Pointer.

Johnnie Candle, MWC World Walleye Champion: "It's hard to believe my first tournament boat ever did not have a trim switch. Well, what is the trim switch? It's the switch on the throttle that allows us to chance the angle of our outboard motor to achieve optimum performance at whatever speed we choose to travel.

I start with the trim all the way down to get the best hole shot. Once I get the boar on plane I will back off to the speed I choose to travel. Once I get to that speed, I will raise my outboard motor until the boat begins to porpoise. Then I will trim the motor down until the boat levels out and that will give me the peak performance for a smooth dry ride and the best fuel efficiency for that speed.

A couple of tips. When you're driving into the wind you're going to need more trim to keep the bow down to give you a smoother, drier ride. When the wind is at your back you're going to find that it rides smoother with the bow up and it eliminated the possibility of spearing that next wave in front of you.

The last tip is to reach optimum peak speed you're going to want the trim as high as you can get it so there you have it, that's your trim switch. It's not just for raising your motor when your boat is on the trailer."

Next week, Johnnie shows is a couple of alternatives for live bait rigging.