Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports hosts adult sled hockey

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MINOT, N.D. - Stop by Maysa Arena on a Wednesday night this month and you'll find something you may not have seen before.

Strap up and get ready for a new kind of hockey.

"The workout for me, since I'm in a wheelchair, is the only cardio workout I can do. That and biking [because] you're using your arms so much, and it's actually a pretty intense workout," said Ben Johnson, sled hockey player.

"You can run and do all the conditioning you want, but no one's really in shape to do this kind of thing," said Rylin Sortland, Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports volunteer.

Prairie Grit's Wednesday Night Adult Sled Hockey program allows hockey fans to try it with a new spin.

"Just knowing how to move your sled on the ice is really good. Keeping momentum just because when you stop, it takes a lot of effort to get going," said Johnson.

The ice time is open for athletes of all abilities, with a supportive environment.

"I just got a special connection and relationship with all our participants [and] athletes; getting to know their stories and the challenges they face in life," Sortland said.

To play sled hockey, you have to keep your head aligned with the rest of your body in order to keep a good center of gravity.

"Once you're in the sled and you try it out for a couple minutes, I think you'll be hooked right away... It's a lot of fun and [we have] a great group of guys and girls out here who enjoy it a lot," said Drew Hanson, Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports fundraising director.

Adult Sled Hockey is at 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday in January. For more information about Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports events, visit their Facebook page.