Participants Gear Up For GABR Race

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We're less than two weeks away from this year's Great American Bike Race.

This is the 21st year that the event is being held. Participants are already training for next Saturday's big ride.There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. But each of these riders participate in GABR for the thrill of the mileage...and smiles from the families it benefits.

"It's a great fundraiser to help these kids and these families out. They deserve a little assistance sometimes. And just to see their faces on race day, and to see the families... It's just a great experience." - Jeff Mattern

Instructor Melanie Carvell helped create the race 21 years ago... And she says the mission remains the same.

"Insurance fails to cover a lot of the items that they need, so there's a competition financially."-Melanie Carvell

There are more than 1000 riders in this year's event and 111 teams... But this race holds something personal for each rider?

"It really speaks to me as an educator because of course I work with children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities." - Kelly Suchy

"I'm a pediatric therapist at Sanford, so the funds raised at GABR directly influence the patients and the families that I work with." - Jackie Mrachek

And for each volunteer.

"The kids are down there. And they're all over the place, and just smiling big. And you just play such an active role in the day."- Lynn Beiswanger

All the teams are sold out at this point, but you can still sign up for setup, cleanup, and helping out during the race.

This year's event is at Legacy High School in Bismarck on April 8th.
It's already raised more than 135 thousand dollars.​