PRCA Steer Wrestling: Bridger Anderson

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Bridger Anderson is tenth in the PRCA World Steer Wrestling standings.

The 2017 graduate of Carrington High School used solid finishes at Ft. Worth and San Antonio to reach the top 10.

Then the coronavirus shutdown happened and Anderson is keeping his skills sharp inside the 200-by-80 building owned by Tyler and Jackie Schau near Almont.

Bridger knew from a very early age that this is what he wanted to do.

"I was about three years old and we were watching the NFR one night and my mom, Robin, asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told her a paleontologist during the day and a professional steer wrestler at night. I'm kind of done with the dinosaurs but so far steer wrestling is still a go. My mom breakaway roped and team roped and my dad team roped quite a bit and I don't know why I picked steer wrestling but I'm glad I did," Bridger said.

I'm not aware of a college that has a rodeo degree, but Bridger says he's been provided many of those important life lessons by Tyler and Jackie Schau at their ranch.

"I think I started coming over here when I was 12. I've been coming over here ever since. It's been my second home. If I'm not at home I'm here. Ever since my junior year of high school I've probably been over here more than I was at home so I've learned a lot from Tyler and Jackie. When I first started coming over here I learned a lot about calf roping and steer wrestling. I learned a lot about horsemanship and rodeoing and rodeo in general and I continue to learn from them today," Bridger said.

Glen Ullin's Cameron Morman is also a frequent visitor to the Schau ranch for practice.

Bridger says seeing Morman make it to the National Finals last year has given him some insight on what it takes to reach the ultimate rodeo.

"I started practicing with Cameron here at Schau's quite a bit and continued to rodeo with him off and on just to go to a few of them and to continue to practice with him and learn from him so it's awesome to see how much success he's been having and to continue to pick up some things from what he's learning and to try and apply it to my own steer wrestling and hopefully we can each find a little bit of success as this keeps going along," Bridger said.

Bridger has $19,724 in official earnings so far this year and he says trying to wrestler a steer is controlled chaos.

"It's pretty much a controlled wreck but there's a lot of technique that goes into it. Everybody has a different style but if you find one that works for you, you can critique it enough to where you can make it pretty efficient to be middle three seconds to sub four seconds runs," Bridger said.

And runs like that should make you consistent enough to cash enough checks to one day make it to the NFR in Las Vegas.