Online offseason training

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Shaun Henderson spends the winters patrolling the sidelines as an assistant coach for the Mandan girls basketball team.

In the off season, he works as a trainer for I'm Possible Training in Bismarck.

With gyms closed for weeks during the pandemic, Henderson found a unique way to get his students out and working on their games.

By recording himself doing different work outs and then sending them to his athletes to perform.

With so much down time and uncertainty between when local athletes will be back on the court, Henderson says this off season could be the difference in taking the next step in their game.

"This off season maybe one where athletes say hey that took my game to the next level. Or that it even took North Dakota basketball to the next level, because you have so many more kids focusing on skills and their individual skill set than getting up and down and playing games," said Henderson.

I.P.T. of North Dakota reopened its doors for clients again Monday after Governor Burgum allowed his executive order to expire this past week.