Olympic Trials Qualifier: Alexis Zeis

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Alexis Zeis was so good at the University of Mary that it's going to take something very special to top her college career.

Now, the former Marauder is living in Boulder, Colo., and she's running professionally.

Zeis qualified for the Olympic Trials with her effort in the half marathon in Duluth at the recent Grandma's Marathon.

"Oh, know it was going to be a fast race but I didn't know how fast. I had Goals set and I actually ran faster than my A-goal so that was pretty exciting. With 400 to go my coach was yelling at me, you can break 73 and I turned on some other gears that I thought I didn't have left at the end of that half and it was exciting," said Zies.

The U.S. Olympic Trials are not until February in Atlanta.

Zeis says she does not know if she will be running in Georgia yet.

"As of right now for U.S. women, there are 336 qualified I believe," said Zeis. "I believe women's distance running is on the rise and this is just showing the first step of it so it's pretty exciting. As of right now I'm not sure. I'm just taking it as it is. I don't have the mileage right now to run a marathon so it talks awhile to build up. I've always been a shorted mileage person so I need to build that up and see how fall goes and we'll go from there."

We caught up with Zeis when she was home over the Fourth of July holiday.

She does have a few races lined up this fall but they are shorter events compared to running the marathon.