ORCS and Nedrose adjusting curriculum in wake of coronavirus

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 2:09 PM CDT
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School administrations are adjusting to losing a week on instruction time in classrooms.

Our Redeemer's Christian School is weighing factors to restarting instruction following the coronavirus cancellation.

"Our two big agenda items are to prepare for what school will look like if we're back in session on Monday, how we make a safe facility for students to return, or to begin planning how we're going to educate students if we're not allowed back in the school on Monday," said ORCS school administrator Jeff Ryngstad.

A silver lining could be giving students an experience similar to an online college class.

"As we're preparing kids for life after high school, being flexible is a big part of that: being able to adapt to the surroundings and the events that are going on in life," Ryngstad said.

Over at Nedrose, faculty members are coming up with ways to review already-familiar topics, with and without technology.

"We're suggesting that they not provide any new material, but that they focus on re-teaching and reinforcement of things that have already been taught this year," said Nedrose middle/high school principal Chelsea Raymond.

It's uncharted territory as school administrators search for normalcy.

"Consistency and routine is important for students, so we want to try to make sure we still have some there for them," Raymond said.

Parents should reach out to their respective schools to learn more about how this process will work. ​

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