No limitations and no knee brace

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PHILADELPHIA - Carson Wentz was in uniform when the Philadelphia Eagles hit the field for the start of OTA's.

The stress fracture in his back is healed and Wentz did not have a knee brace on.

Wentz says he's learning to "not" be his own worst enemy,

"It's just kind of how I was wired growing up and everything. Being from North Dakota and a smaller school all of those things it's just you want to work, work, work and push, push, push and there's just times where you need to maybe tone it down a little bit and just listen to some advice people are giving you, but it's been a good process the last few years unfortunately going through this, but again I feel really good where I'm at today," said Wentz.

Carson said he will not be wearing the knee brace in games either.

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