New Turf at Bismarck Community Bowl

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Nothing stays new forever. Proper maintenance will keep it looking nice but eventually major items will need to be replaced.

The next item on that list at the MDU Resources Community Bowl in Bismarck is the turf. The project started yesterday and it should take about two weeks to get it finished.

The former field turf was put down in 2002.

"When we redid this facility in 2014 we reconditioned the turf and our hope was that it would hold out until 2019. Quite frankly with all of the use it wore out and we got concerned about the safety of the student-athletes so we worked with the bank so that we were able to replace it this year and we're really excited about the way it's going to look and it's going to be great for the student-athlete," said Bismarck-Mandan Chamber Foundation Chairman Todd Steinwand.

The numbers, hash marks and soccer lines will have to be cut in and the rubber to hold it in place will be added.

They will use 5.5 pounds of rubber per-square foot.

Steinwand said: "Normally, these run about 10 to 12 years and we got 14 years out of this and when we reconditioned it we hoped to get a few more but what we're doing now is seeking additional sponsors and we still have some room on the scoreboard and our whole goal here is to have the entire facility debt free by 2020."

The crew may turn on the lights and work at night to beat the heat.