New Larks Head Coach in Town

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Will Flynt's baseball playing career has taken him to places like Mexico, Taiwan and Japan, in addition to three Major League organizations.

His baseball coaching career will bring him to Bismarck as the second head coach of the Larks.

Flynt is in Bismarck and he got his first look at the facilities in the Capital-City. Let's just say he's impressed when compared to where he was last year.

"I expected a much older stadium. I was like, this is awesome. I got a nice stadium here that was probably the biggest thing. Other than that I knew they were successful but I didn't really know. This is a really successful franchise and I'm almost nervous because I don't want to screw this up but that's really cool and talking to John I see why."

Flynt was the Northwoods League Coach of the year last season in Wisconsin Rapids.