NDSU vs. San Diego

BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota State versus Dan Diego. If you’re talking about a two week vacation in the winter, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re talking about a post-season football game, it’s also a no-brainer in the other direction.

Tomorrow the Bison host the Toreros in the FCS Playoffs. San Diego destroyed Northern Arizona to advance, while NDSU earned a first round bye as the second seed in the tournament.

"You put a lot of time in throughout the year to be in this position to get that week off and heal up and get away for a little bit so it feels really good to be at the spot we're at and excited for a big challenge on Saturday," said Bison offensive lineman Zach Johnson mentions that "I got in a little bit last year. I saw myself on film and I totally forgot that I went against them so knowing that they're out there. They'll for sure be another challenge."

This is the second year in a row the Bison will play the Toreros in the playoffs, so being in the Fargodome before, will help the visiting team a little bit.

"What kind of cadence they give to the center so they won't be getting false starts and they just will look more comfortable and that's every team that we faced here but they aren't too familiar with it they're only been here one time so I do think the crowd noise will still have an effect and we'll still have that home field advantage that we're looking for," said Tre Dempsey, North Dakota State’s Safety.

While some players have already seen San Diego in the playoffs, it will be a first for others, like defensive lineman, Nate Tanguay.

"I didn't play last year and I think that factors in a lot and DeLuca didn't play last year and that factors in a lot and some of that stuff that we're doing this week with some bigger, heavier personal against their bigger personal I think is going to bring us a big advantage," said Tanguay.

You can catch the full one hour Bison Pre-Game show on the KFYR-KVLY Bison Television network at 1:30 CT. The game however, will be shown on ESPN3.