NDSU vs Duke Preview

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (Valley News Live) - Friday's basketball game to be the highest profile game in North Dakota history.

The Bison play Duke, the top seed in the NCAA Tournament tonight at 6:10 local (5:10 CST).

The Bison and the Blue Devils have a fair amount of differences between programs. But how about experience?

While both programs are fairly young, the Bison are only playing in their fourth ever NCAA men's basketball tournament in program history.

Duke is in its 35th.

You can list plenty more differences and similarities between these programs, but no matter, the Bison are on a crash course on Duke basketball.

Surprisingly enough players say Duke actually isn't nearly as foreign as North Carolina Central was. Mainly because the Bison say they've been watching Duke basketball all season long on national TV.

"We got the chance to watch film on them (Duke) early this morning," said Sam Griesel, NDSU freshman guard. "Just going into this game we're really excited to play and we're going in to compete and come in on top."

"It's an unbelievable opportunity to play the number one team in the nation," said Rocky Kreuser, NDSU sophomore forward. "We've nothing to lose so you just go out there and play loose and play free and see what happens."

Like sharks in open water the Bison are on the hunt and Duke is well aware of that.

Tyson Ward, NDSU Junior Guard said: "That's the power of a 'Cinderella Story.' You know there's so much on the line for another person they might get a little bit nervous and that's when you attack. Blood in the water."

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski was asked at a press conference Thursday about Virginia's historic loss last year and it if was a cautionary tale for him and his team. He said they don't need to remember Virginia's loss because upset before. Not a 16-1 but they've been upset and they remember what that feels like.

It'll take everything the Bison have but they say they're up for the challenge.