NDSU Recap Win over Cal Poly

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The North Dakota State Bison started their season off just like many of us thought they would. 1-0. They got the 49-3 win over Cal Poly on Saturday.

While it looked like the Bison were clicking on all cylinders, Coach Chris Klieman saw that performance coming, since fall camp.

"I was pleased with some of the younger guys, pleased with some things on special teams," said Klieman. "Obviously it's just one game, and we're going to build and grow from the game, but I thought throughout fall camp, I could see us getting better and better, and we have a long ways to go but we played a relatively clean football game, which is not always the case in the first game. So, it's a good win, unfortunately we have a bye-week now, but we'll take that bye-week and get back to more conventional football."

The Cal Poly Mustangs are one of the few teams to run the triple option offense, and for the Bison, a team that doesn’t run the option, they handled it pretty well.

"Well that's a really good offense and especially when you throw Protheroe into it, I think that kids are terrific football players, so our goal was to try to force them to go through all three elements of the option phase, and make them pitch the ball. I think early on in the game, some false starts really helped us, our crowd was really into it, and we were able to keep Protheroe down and not give him a big play,” adds Klieman.

And like Klieman says, they have a bye-week this week, and will be back to regular football on the 15th to host North Alabama.