NDSU Men's Basketball Dancing in Dayton

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North Dakota State University found out Sunday it will be playing in the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament against North Carolina Central.

Win Wednesday's game in Dayton, Ohio, and the Duke Blue Devils will be the next opponent for the Bison.

NDSU's victory in the Summit League championship game secured a spot in the national tournament. This group of Bison players have not really experienced the "big dance" but head coach Dave Richman certainly has.

"We talked out the excitement of just being in there. The little things like the carpet behind the scenes you don't see. The police escort's, all of those things but I think for them it's really important to understand that when the lights go on and the ball foes up we're playing a basketball game," said Richman. "They've done it their entire life and for us including the one right next to me this was their first experience in Sioux Falls and I would say he was pretty darn good when it really mattered and I think the big narrative we need to make sure and we understand we're going out and play basketball something we've done our entire lives."

The player who was sitting next to Richman is Vinnie Shahid. He helped the Bison best Omaha in the conference title game and during the selection show a dream came true.

Vinnie Shahid, "It was kind of a surreal moment to see North Dakota State on that screen and to see North Dakota State on my chest. It's just an amazing feeling."

Tyson Ward, "You dream of that moment. A couple of years ago when I was in high school just watching the selection show and watching those guys get a chance to play every college basketball players dream, it's that moment and you're like wow we're here and you can't really explain it. It's just a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life."

The Bison program is making it's third trip to the NCAA Tournament in the last six years. Wednesday's game against N.C. Central in Dayton begins at 5:40pm central time and it will be on TruTV.