NDSU Bison charge into NCAA First Four matchup vs. NC Central

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The North Dakota State University men's basketball team is part of the First Four.

On Wednesday, the Bison will play North Carolina Central for the right to meet Duke in the East Regional.

Beth Hoole has been busy lately following NDSU. She's been at the White House, the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and now she's in Dayton, Ohio.

"We are off and running here in Dayton. The Bison are preparing to take on North Carolina Central. A stat that will stand out in this matchup is expected to be the three pointer. NC Central has made just under 31 percent behind the arc. The Bison have shot more that 200 more than the Eagles and they've made 100 more than them and both of these teams are award of the discrepancy," said Hoole.

"I think the big thing is confidence and just getting good shots not just jacking them up every time down the floor but inside-out touch the post just getting those good shots," said NDSU junior guard Jared Samuelson

North Carolina Central Head Coach LeVelle Moton said: "Two kinds of three-point shots during a game will absolutely kill you. It's the transition three where you don't find the guy and then it's the offensive rebound that they get where you are scrambling and they kick it out to another guy so to simplify things and put it into laymen's terms; we have to play five on five basketball at all times, if that makes sense. You can't be four on three, you can't be five on four we got to be five on five"

"Coach Richman says it all of the time. If the other team missed we're going to push the ball at them and score in that first eight of late. I think it's been to our advantage to score in those first eight seconds and if not get a really good shot," said junior guard Vinnie Shahid.

"One of the biggest challenges in this game will be the short scout," said Hoole. "Neither of these team provides much of an opportunity to build any familiarity with their opponent coming in to tomorrow's matchup meaning we should all be in for a real treat of a game. We're just getting started here in Dayton. We have plenty more to come in the next couple of days so be sure and stick with us."

The NDSU game is scheduled to start at 5:40 Central Time on Wednesday in Dayton. If you want to watch, it'll be on TruTV. A Bison win means they'll face the Blue Devils on Friday.